Martina Konecna


With EFT I met for the first time in 2007 when I translated a book about EFT from German to Czech. Then I attended EFT courses in the Czech Republic and have started to do EFT profesionally. In 2012, I was excited by the book of Silvia Hartmann about Energy EFT and this was my start with Modern Energy. This is a never ending storry with wunderful surprisings and new possibilities. This is the path on which you are more and more your true self.

My areas on which I specialize:

1) Personal Development

2) Modern Stress Management

3) Relationships - how to grow together and support each other


Pomáhám lidem zbavit se stresu, aby rozvíjeli svůj potenciál na maximum, a plnili si své sny.

I help people to get rid of stress so they would be able to develop their potential to the maximum, and be able to fulfill their dreams.




Martina Konecna is listed in: Energy EFT Master Practitioners in Czech Republic