Martina Konecna

Martina Konecna is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Modern Stress Management Professional in Brno, Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Martina Konecna


With EFT I met for the first time in 2007 when I translated the first book about EFT from German to Czech. Then I attended EFT courses in the Czech Republic and have started to do EFT profesionally. In 2012, I was excited by the book of Silvia Hartmann about Energy EFT and I immediately enrolled in the distance learning course Energy EFT Master Practitioner. Since then I have been intensively interested, not only in EFT, but also in other techniques of modern energy  work and they have been continuing to fascinate me. Modern Stress Management is the field, that connects this everything together, makes great sense and provides immense possibilities for tranformation and changes in our lives! I love Energy, I love to be Energist and to growth in this direction. 

My areas on which I specialize:

1) Problems in relationships

2) Successful communication in relationships

3) Successful business growing out from the strenghts of the personality, the quality of relationships and successful communication



„Trust yourself, trust your fascination and your dreams, trust what you love! Let your heart lead you through your sixth sense on your unique journey to your unique future. Monitor your stress levels every day and don´t do  any action,  any major decision until you energetically  come back to the place that is your true nature and home: HIGHLY ENERGIZED STATE.“



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