The Energy of INVITATION!!!

In this article GoE Member Martina Konecna writes about how she recently experienced a magical and thrilling moment while walking with their dog in the autumn nature. She expresses how when she focused on feeling the Energy behind the word INVITATION and used it to invite the Positives into their life, it became very powerful but soft at the same time. 

The GoE MONEY!!! Course Course Review by Martina Konecna

Martina Konecna writes: "I will never forget this surprising gorgeous experience! I know, I´ll be repeating this course more times. Maybe the storms will come again :) You can apply these exercises and techniques to many other topics you are interested in."

The GoE MONEY!!! Course

BIG +10 congratulations to Martina Konecna for completing The GoE MONEY!!! Course with GoE trainer Silvia Hartmann!

The Energist - Vol 2017.4.1 - The Best Year Ever!

Spring 2017 edition of The Energist magazine.

EFT Case Story: Silent & Invisible

Martina Konecna, an EFT Master Practitioner from Czech Republic, has written a case story about a grown woman who is reduced to feeling like a child when confronted. Martina writes:  Marie looked me for help. At first sight pleasant and friendly woman, over 40, but somehow shy, frightened and constricted. I could feel it from her and her voice confirmed it when she started to speak. "The world is dangerous and unpredictable.", was her non verbal message for me. We started our collective work with destressing and tuning in EFTeam. She liked tapping on points, her six sense worked and answered very nicely. Her face released and Marie started to speak about her longstanding problem that brought her a lot of pain and feeling of personal failure. When she visited class meeting and wanted something to say during discussion with other parents and class teacher, she simply was not able. She stiffened at that moment, terrible fear and stress. Her heart started to pounding, vocal cords constricted, she couldn´t breath, her hands started to tremble and got wet. "I am at that moment as if I should die," stated Marie sadly. "And this happens in other situations too, when shall I something say and there are some authorities - adults. I feel like a small child before them."